Reas T. Madsen

Senior Advisor, Commodities

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Mr. Madsen has spent most of his career advising industrial facilities and utilities on strategic energy supply sourcing. For over 30 years, he has served as President of Western Resources Company processing and marketing coal to industrial facilities and utilities in the western and midwestern states.  He was also the founder and President of American International Mineral Corporation with offices in Sydney, Jakarta and Denver.   He raised the capital necessary to introduce and establish the first highwall mining systems in Australia and later in Canada. 

Upon joining Prudential Energy, his main advisory efforts have been focused on industrial plants in the western and midwestern states.  Prudential Energy’s energy advisory product line, strategies, analysis, and market knowledge are second-to-none and are well-suited for providing his clients with the in-depth analysis needed to stay competitive in today’s business environment. 

With the ever-changing market conditions coupled with the nation’s desire to burn a cleaner fuel, many companies are switching away from coal to natural gas as their primary fuel source.  Experienced at identifying a market niche and seeking the best way to satisfy those needs, Mr. Madsen is an advisory asset to companies seeking economical options to satisfy their energy needs.

Mr. Madsen graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Industrial Administration. This relevant background combined with his industry knowledge, enthusiasm and technical expertise has helped him cultivate long-term business relationships over the many years.