Kyle Bray

Vice President, Supply & Analytics

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Mr. Bray’s background includes nearly two decades of experience in both regulated and deregulated electricity and natural gas markets across the country, with a focus on product structuring for large, multi-site end users, supply management and data analytics, regulated utility tariff programs, as well as demand side project management and implementation.  In his role as VP of Supply and Analytics, Mr. Bray oversees Prudential Energy’s pricing, supply and analytics groups, pursuing data-driven product structuring and portfolio management.  He is actively involved in directing supply management and procurement activities for Prudential Energy’s largest clients. 

Prior to joining Prudential Energy, Mr. Bray held positions at several of the largest supply marketers and ESCO’s in the energy industry, with activities in a variety of roles including client portfolio and supplier management, retail supply procurement, demand management and market analytics.  He has been an active participant in most markets since the inception of deregulation, possessing detailed knowledge of historical market trends and the forces which drive regional changes to products and pricing over time.  With wide ranging experience and exposure to regional products and market dynamics, Mr. Bray’s experienced leadership allows PES to provide customized, targeted, data-driven solutions and advisory services to clients in all markets throughout the country.