Kevin Ngo

Quantitive Analyst, Strategy

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In this critical role, Mr. Ngo has significant expertise in investigating market trends and forecasts for natural gas and power commodities. He adds value to Prudential Energy’s clients by applying his passion for energy and finance into his strategic reporting and analytics. His data modeling background and outside-the-box approach has led to uncovering unique methods to capturing ongoing energy cost reduction utilizing algorithmic trading.

At Prudential Energy, Mr. Ngo has helped developed a versatile data system, tracking daily NG pricing data for historical and future curves – ultimately providing valuable insight on where the market is headed. He has also been involved in developing a natural gas purchasing algorithm that yields commodity cost savings with less statistical risk than the NYMEX monthly settles benchmark.

Mr. Ngo has an in-depth knowledge of economics, business strategy, and software development. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Finance. When he is not occupied with data analytics, he enjoys active sports and spending time with loved ones.