Alex Toutounchi, CEP

Vice President, Energy Market Operations

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Mr. Toutounchi holds a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the energy sector. He possesses technical experience in both midstream and downstream energy segments. He has worked with the company for the past 15 years in a variety of advisory and leadership roles. He maintains an established track record for delivering on energy cost reduction, risk management and energy conservation projects involving large industrial clients. He is a trusted name in the business and maintains ongoing strategic client relationships dating back to 2004.

Currently as the Vice President of Energy Market Operations, Mr. Toutounchi heads the data-driven energy advisory services division for Prudential Energy. He also plays a strategic role in downstream / midstream supplier management, market data modeling and sustainability initiatives.

He possesses a strong educational background in Finance from the University of Texas. He also holds many industry certifications in energy management and energy data modeling.

Mr. Toutounchi plays an integral role in Prudential Energy’s data-driven products and services development. He is a firm believer in advanced data analytics and data utilization, leading the future of effective energy policy implementation.